I'm Wendy Whittaker-Large, and together with Ian McBain jnr, we help people create residual long-term income from Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs). Giving you time money and freedom!


You want financial freedom

But you're struggling to achieve it.  

The problem is - you don't know what rich people know - which is how to make money work for you, instead of you having to work for money. A few years ago we discovered the secret to fast wealth. It's not Get Rich Quick. It's get very rich steadily, whilst benefitting from amazing cashflow. Through investing in property and more specifically HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) you only need a handful of properties to replace your income. 

Here are a few myths about HMOs: 

  • You need lots of money to get started
  • You can't build a portfolio while working full-time
  • You have to manage the properties yourself
  • You have to have property already to get going

Guess what? Neither myself nor Ian had time, money or knowledge when we started. But individually we have created business that work so we don't have to.  

Now we help people like you - looking for more time, and residual income. We help you learn exactly how to do this using my simple Five-Step System. 

  • Find
  • Fund 
  • Finish 
  • Fill  
  • Future-Proof

your HMOs. 

The simple Five-Step System that will teach you everything you need to create salary - replacing income from property.

"I think it was one of the best sessions I had in my property knowledge gaining experience so far with you. Just can’t wait to implement it all and get results. Will be in touch soon with my progress. "

Tanay Mukherjee

Why HMOs?


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An overview of the Five-Step System

“Wendy's teaching style is engaging, fun and inspirational. I would throroughly recommend her courses to anyone looking to invest in HMOs. Following her advice our very first HMO is now making us over £1200 per month profit. We simply couldn't have done this without her. Using her systems we have 'rinsed and repeated it' and have another development on the go. Exciting times!”

Shahheen Saiyed. Investor and Speaker

Let's work together.