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Saturday 26th October - Southend

Saturday 16th November - Southend

Saturday 30th November - Stoke

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"After attending Wendy's training I bought my very first HMO which is now making me £3,300 pcm net profit!"

Pallavi Sharma, Investor, Wife and Mum



Do you want to replace your income and become financially free? Do you want to maximise your time and minimise your effort? Have you been thinking about investing in HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) but don't know where to start? In this jam packed and interactive workshop you will learn how to  

  • ANALYSE an area to invest in for long-term cashflow and growth 
  • FIND the money and learn creative ways of securing high cashflowing deals
  • UNDERSTAND the process of a refurb to create a wonderful HMO 
  • SELL rooms effectively so you avoid voids! 
  • MANAGE the investment so it becomes HANDS-FREE 
  • LEVERAGE your time so you can rinse and repeat!

You’ll love GET TO KNOW HMO if you want to build a systemised HMO business that gives you life changing monthly cash flow from virtually none of your time.  

If you want financial freedom from your day job, and you want to set up a scalable, systemised business that works so you don't have to, and which allows you to generate thousands of pounds profit per month - the only answer is to invest in HMOs. Wendy and Ian share their learning, knowledge and expertise to help you change your life through property and get out of the rat race fast!

With a mixture of fun, interactive exercises & relevant examples of REAL HMOs, Wendy and Ian share their tried and tested systems to ensure you grow your flow with HMOs. So are you ready to go on your own HMO adventure? Do you want to learn how to find the right property, get the finance, refurbish it correctly, fill it with tenants and future proof it? If so, you cannot miss this essential training which will give you all you need to know to truly accelerate your progress and create long-term financial freedom for yourself and your family. 

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"Just had an offer accepted - 20% Below Market Value! The house will make a good sized 5 bed HMO. I learned all about drains and therefore where to put bathrooms, on Wendy's training which led me to considering this house which I would normally have dismissed"!

Dave Oldroyd, HMO Investor.  



Wendy Whittaker-Large is the founder of multiple companies including Best Nest – a high end HMO company – and Best Nest Egg (an HMO investment club). She is passionate about HMOs for their contribution to the housing economy and the positive contribution they can make to people’s lives. 

Wendy is the author of '101 Essential Tips for Running a Professional HMO - Giving you time, money and freedom'. Her latest book ' Extraordinary Profits from Ordinary Profits' will be released in June 2019. 

  Wendy now brings her learning alive and in person by offering her GET TO KNOW HMOs Event where you can learn the essential tools quickly and easily to setting up your very first HMO (or improving those you already have). 


Ian McBain Jnr was a fire-fighter who was looking to get out of the rat race FAST. He was stuck in a job that gave him little freedom and time to spend with his family and doing things he loved. At first sceptical about the claims being mande about HMOs, he started to invest and within 18 months had left his job. Now he runs a successful property business in Essex.  

He has raised over £3m from investors and now speaks and trains about the life-changing results that HMOs can bring. 

"We look forward to welcoming you to our life-changing GET TO KNOW HMOs event. You will learn all the latest tools and insider knowledge to create fantastic HMOs and maximum cash flow! Register your place NOW" Wendy Whittaker-Large & Ian McBain Jnr